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Are the gun cabinets currently on the market not fully meeting your needs?

Abnormal Solution is the solution!

With our magnetic supports and modular magnetic racks you can finally have a reliable solution for firearms, magazines, and accessories

Abnormal Solution arises from the need to overcome the limited adaptability of the gun cabinets currently available on the market. These security tools, in fact, are not always up to the task of their contents. The main needs that must be addressed are:

Need for a reliable support for handguns

Many complain about not having a reliable support for handguns and are forced to place their pistols in the safe, if available, or cram them into the bottom of the wardrobe inside their cases, taking up considerable space for other firearms.

Need for a reliable support for long guns

In the event of needing to store long guns, there is a lack of proper support, especially for rifles with expensive optics. These optics inevitably bear the full weight of the firearm due to the lack of appropriate spaced supports.

Need to store magazines and a variety of accessories

Magazines and accessories such as carrying straps, limiters, and other materials used at the range or during hunting need to be stored, preferably arranged neatly alongside their respective firearms, leaving the safe space free for ammunition or other items.

All these issues are solved with Abnormal Solution‘s modular supports and racks, allowing you to assemble a firearm support tailored to various dimensional needs.

Compatible with other cabinets through magnetic attachment, without the need for drilling or modification.

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