A reliable support for firearms, magazines, and accessories

We build magnetic supports and modular magnetic racks based on the concept of supporting the weapon while preserving it from accidental overturns that can occur in cabinets with randomly stored firearms. We create stable supports for handguns dedicated to specific calibers, ensuring better and organized storage.

Our products result from careful research of materials and solutions aimed at protecting the firearm from impacts, friction, and the transfer of magnetism that can occur with competitive products that simply attract the weapon with a rubberized magnet.

Magnetic Support Materials

Our magnetic supports for handguns are:

Composed of 3 neodymium magnets each

with an attractive force of 9 kg

Encapsulated in a steel casing

that channels their magnetic field almost entirely in a single direction

Attached to an aerospace-grade aluminum bracket

that completely isolates the firearm from the magnetic field

Equipped with a raw aluminum pin

which, due to its softness and corrosion resistance characteristics, does not affect the barrel

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Modular Racks Materials

The modular racks are composed of

Aluminum base guide

1200 mm in length, equipped with 3 neodymium magnets, each with an attractive force of 30 kg

Accessories in painted sheet metal

2 mm thick, these accessories can be attached in any position on the base guide, enabling complete adaptability of the support to any type of firearm

Rubberized coating

on all parts of the supports in direct contact with sensitive areas to prevent marking the firearm

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Semi-automatic decappers

Our semi-automatic decappers represent the optimal compromise between the laborious and monotonous task of manual decapping and the costly purchase of automatic machines. Our manually operated machine, powered by a crank, can decap over 80 casings per minute and allows for a seamless transition between calibers with only the replacement of the pin holder and two simple adjustments. The entire machine is constructed in steel.

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